miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009

Obama y el Periodismo

Declaraciones de Obama sobre periodismo:

"Thank you everybody, good evening. You know I had an entire speech prepared for this wonderful occasion. But now that I am here, I think that I am going to try something a little different. Tonight I want to speak from the heart, I want to speak off the cuff.

Jamás un gobierno sin periodistas

"A government without newspapers, a government without a tough and vibrant media of all sorts, is not an option for the United States of America. So, I may not agree with everything you write or report, I may likely complain, or more likely Gibbs will complain from time to time about how you do your jobs, but I do so with the knowledge that when you are at your best then you help me be at my best…

El periodismo sirve con su labor

"…, you help all of us who serve at the pleasure of the American people do our jobs better by holding us accountable, by demanding honesty, by preventing us from taking shortcuts and falling into easy political games that people are so desperately weary of. That kind of reporting is worth preserving not just for your sake but for the public's. We count on you to help make sense of a complex world and to tell the stories of our lives the way they happen.

Buscamos la verdad en los periódicos

"We look to you for truth, even if it's always approximation. This is the season of renewal and reinvention, that is what government must learn to do, that is what businesses must learn to do, and that's what journalism is in the process of doing and when I look out in this room and think about the dedicated men and women who's questions I've answered over the last few years, I know that for all the challenges this industry faces, it's not short on talent or creativity or passion or commitment.

Controlar a los políticos

It's not short of young people who are eager to break news or the not so young who still manage to ask the tough ones time and time again. These qualities alone will not solve all your problems but they certainly prove that the problems are worth solving and that is as good a place as any to begin.

Gracias por vuestra labor

So I offer you my thanks, I offer you my support, and I look forward in working with you and answering to you and the American people as we seek a more perfect union in the months and years ahead. Thank you very much everyone.

President Barack Obama at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington Hilton Hotel (Washington D.C., USA - May 9, 2009).

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